MiKedem Gallery - Fine Israeli Art in Old Zefat

Within the picturesque alleys of the old quarter of Zefat, in an unrivaled atmosphere, lies Mikedem Gallery.
The gallery houses a rich and moving collection of classic-modern Israeli art.
A microcosm of people, languages, emotions, faiths and cultures that co-existed in Zefat serves
as an abode and an inspiration for artists and creators throughout the centuries.
The spirituality and history that suffuse the surroundings of Mikedem Gallery have brought the finest
Israeli artists to choose it as a home for their works.
Modern international Israeli artists such as Ruth Bloch, Leonid Belaklav and Ilan Baruch
display unique sculptures and paintings, both original and highly valuable.
Bronze sculptures, oil paintings on canvas and oil paintings on wood panels dwell in harmony between the arches of the ancient building.

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