Mikedem Gallery - hosting "Silka Design" by Israeli Textile Designer Tzuri Gueta 

The SuperNature Collection was launched on June 13, 2012 at "Mikedem Gallery".

Inspired by the under water world and natural shapes the collection of accessories includes excuisite one of a kind evening bags and jewelery.



Klezmer Festival 2011

Eyal Shiloach- the creative producer of the Klezmer Festival and his band plays at "Mikedem Gallery".

Aired on Channel 3, August 19th, 2011



Body and Soul

"The one year old Mikedem Fine Art Gallery would be at home in any classy city.
However. it's most at home in Safed, since the gallery features Israeli artists and Safed is pretty much the art capital of Israel."

Published in the Jerusalem Post website, August 18th, 2011



Mikedem Gallery shines at the coalition members reception at Ruth Rimonim Hotel in Zefat

The owners of Mikedem Gallery- Bezalel Shemesh and Ehud Yotam displayed a collection of works by artists- Leonid Balaklav, Ruth Bloch, Zvi Lachman and Ilan Baruch.
"Participating in the reception was an extra ordinary and exciting event" said Ehud Yotam. The guest's responses were excellent, especially the Prime Minister and his wife that were impressed from a variety of art pieces".

Published in "Glilon" website, June 15th, 2011
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