A combination of history and now, of Israel today and Israel then, a collection of cultures
from all corners of the globe: From Kedem (east) to the sea in the west - the variety
of unique languages, melodies, tastes and sights - these are the makings of the spirit that
lives and breathes, within the art on display at Mikedem Gallery.

Art in the sense of creating ex-nihilo, touching and full of depth and thought, created from within the heart and
the foundation of the artist's soul, just like the  first work in the earliest time - the creation of man.

The Israeli artists draw inspiration and creative joy from everyday life.
From here, from the most primordial materials, from their soul and state of mind - it is only
natural for them to place it in the paradise of art, Mikedem Gallery.
The art at the gallery is current art that continues the tradition of an artistic community in Zefat, that began
back in the 1950's, when an artists' colony was founded that lives and breathes to this day.

We invite you to form your own impressions of the art at Mikedem Gallery.

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The artists presenting at Mikedem Gallery 


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