Ruth Bloch

Sitting Violinist,Bronze, 63 cm Stolen Moment, Bronze,65 cm Fatherhood, Bronze,45 cm Float,Bronze, 80 cm Kiss, Bronze, 60 cm Attitude,Bronze,103 cm Torso, Bronze,70 cm Entanglement,Bronze, 68 cm Rejoice, Bronze, 60 cm Gracfulnest, Bronze, 70 cm Stolen Moment w/baby, Bronze,65 cm Stool (woman w/hat), Bronze,126 cm Tall Dou, Bronze, 180 cm Dancer, Bronze, 207 cm Joy,Bronze, 250 cm Comfortable Grace, Bronze, 168 cm Serenity, Bronze,190 cm Couple On Bench, Bronze Association, Bronze,100 cm "Sitting Couple", bronze, 85 cm Candlesticks,Bronze, 40 cm Thinking & Kissing, Bronze,150 cm Love Blossoming, Bronze,40 cm Girls Talk, Bronze, 45 cm A talk, Bronze Wall Sculpture (Small),Bronze, 35 cm Chanukiya, Bronze, 40 cm Love is in the air, Bronze Flying a red balloon", Bronze" Flying a blue baloon", Bronze"
Biography of Ruth

Ruth Bloch was born in Israel in 1951 to artist parents. Her father was a musician, while her mother worked in ceramics, Ruth's family were members of a kibbutz called Alonim, a place where childhood and early youth afforded her many opportunities to develop her artistic talents. Reaching adulthood, Ruth attended the Avny Art Institute in Tel Aviv, and took additional studies in psychology in the United States.

This is an art of deep, immanent feeling, like a haiku of the body, and the form that being of limb and soul speak free. But with Bloch, feeling is not sentimental. Her talk, like the thinking that girds her life is more like the senryu than the haiku: more quizzical, sharp, sturdy, never elegant or delicate. She wants an art that is not "nice" but good – qualified not only by strength, real artistic merit, or by kind of spry cellulose toughness that maverick composer Charles Ives wanted when he "stretched his ears"- and good because distinguished by the good, the absolute- without that Hegelian capital.
She wants art to be good with the same good we find when we experience life. Not just with a sense of joy and an openness to beauty but with the moral integrity and the firm resolve to perpetuate nothing else but good in our lives, our feelings, our actions and our works, and the deeds like things we propagate and raise to life in the world of souls of fellow birth.
Currently Ruth Bloch lives and sculpts in Israel. Her work exhibits a great depth of feeling for the human figure, revealing the living unity of her masculine and feminine forces.

Selected Exhibitions:

1991, 1992, 1993  Art Expo N.Y

1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2005  Art Miami

1998-2008  Sofa Chicago and Sofa N.Y
2006  Art Singapore, Art London, Las Vegas, Art Palm Beach, Sofa Miami


 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006 GaerieVivendi – Paris

 2000, 2003 Vienstien Gallery San Francisco

 2005  Dharma Studio, Coconut Grove, Florida

2008  Studio E Gallery, Palm Beach

1994  then every other year, Atlas Galleries, Chicago

2006  Cafmaeyer Gallery, Knokke-Heist, Belgium

2007  Lanue fin Art, Bosto.

2002 , 2007  Got Gallery, Paris

Monumental Sculptures:

Botanic Garden, Singapore

 A park Malaysia

North Chicago

Israel few places And other locations



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