Gil Goren

Downtown Look, 100X100 cm MakeArt, 100X100 cm American Love, 100X150 cm Things Don't Have To End, 100X100 Art Is Lies, 100X100 Art Is, Mixed Media, 120X120 cm Create, Mixed Media, 120X120 cm Jerusalem, 100X100 cm War Is Not, 60X60 cm The Point, 50X50 cm
Biography of Gil

Gil Goren is an urben popart artist, advertiser, graphic designer and copy writer. 

In 2009, on a sunny New York afternoon, Gil Goren put it all together - The advertising messages, the typography, the colors, the layout, the richness of information and the unstoppable movement of the urban cityscape.

All these aspects came together and created a process of creativity that resulted in the art of Gil Goren.

The artwork of Goren is all made by hand, and each piece is one of a kind.

All the art works are based on original photographs that are taken by Goren himself, and then printed directly on small pieces of wood.

The individual pieces are modern icons that are then glued in a collage form onto a large slab of wood.

Each piece has its own unique concept and message.


  • March 2014, Kastiel As Is Gallery - Curator: Doron Polak, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • February 2015, Grand Art Gallery - Curator: Shirly Meshulam, Haifa, Israel
  • October 2015, The Jerusalem Center For Programing Art - Curator: Noga Arad-Ayalon, Jerusalem, Isral


  • August 2014, Museum Windows (Iron Dome and Tear) - Curator: Doron Polak and Ayelet Emorai Biran, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • November 2014, FusionArtMuseum (Art In Shade Of War) - Curator: Doron Plak, New York, USA
  • September 2015, Jaffa Art Gallery (Art&About) - Curator: Li-mor Cohen, Jaffa, Israel



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