Zvi Lachman

Biography of Zvi

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1950.

Studied sculpture with Ashkenazi, Sternschuss and Danziger.

Graduated from the Israeli Technion. MFA, Parsons School Of Design, New York, where he studied painting with Paul Resika and Leland Bell.

Thought drawing at the Avni Institute, the Art College in Ramat Hasharon and the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.

Teaches painting & sculpture at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Solo exhibitions were exhibited in the Herzliya Museum, Museum of Israeli Art-Ramat  Gan, The Open Museum at Omer, Gordon Gallery- Tel Aviv, Alon Segev Gallery and more.

"Zvi Lachman creates busts. He's been doing it for years. Sometimes he sculpts entire figures, but even then the head is always the main thing. You might think: What could be more predictable than a sculpted head? Busts are the origin and basis of all sculpture.                   The key word to describe what a Lachman bust is all about, I think, is hitrakmut (literally, "formation," using the same Hebrew root as "tissue" and "embroidery"): the formation of tissues, which connotes the delicacy of the act of embroidery as well as a movement that occurs on its own, by virtue of its being a living thing. In every sculpture you become aware of the very long period during which it was created; it is full of layers, bits that have caved in, additions and combinations. The idea that emanates from these sculptures is closer to hitrakmut than to quarrying or chiseling. The sculpture's life and its infinitely searching movements are slow and cyclical - more like long-term natural processes than conscious acts executed in a studio."

    Ariel Hirshfeld

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