Tolla Inbar

Circle of Life, bronze Joyful Growth, bronze Sky is the limit, bronze Levels of awerness, bronze Stairs of Life, bronze Spiritual Load, bronze Taking a chance Sky High, bronze I did it, bronze Locks, bronze Accumulating Knowledge, bronze Pegasus, bronze Wheely, bronze Pegasus, bronze Balancing, bronze Achivment, bronze Encouragement, bronze Free Emotion, Bronze Aspiration Due, Bronze Running Free, Bronze Sky Is No Longer The Limit, Bronze Aspiration, Bronze One More Round, Bronze Support, Bronze
Biography of Tolla

Having created sculptures almost all my life, intensively and professionally for the last 15 years, I have been asked many times about the motivation and inspiration underlying my artistic output. The mental and physical satisfaction that follows the achievement of elegant design is a major motivation, but this relentless drive to keep creating different expressions of the ancient human spiritual quest for the divine also invokes in me immeasurable satisfaction as I attempt to examine our existence in the universe.

I try to make people stop from everyday activities and concerns, step out of the realistic and materialistic race of our time, and take a moment to think about life. I believe in, as philosopher Joan Borysenko puts it, "spiritual optimism". I believe we are fragments of a larger consciousness, all souls unique yet of similar essence. Each body cell is encoded with the full intelligence of the whole body; the creative intelligence of the universe is present in each of us. We are the hologram of "one mind", and this is the distillation of my artistic philosophy. The soul is a reflection of the universe which motivates us each to follow an individual spiritual path, to reach a collective universal goal through personal achievements.

Combined with action, motion, growth and effort are elements of reflection and rest. For me, the process of physical creation is intertwined with philosophical thought, resulting in interdependent growth of mind and body, a process which I hope will continue all my life.


Solo exhibitions:

2005-Opera Gallery- Soho, NY

Eccentric Catmeyer-Knokke, Belgium

Adamar Fine Art-Miami

Seven –O-Seven- Santa Fe, NM

2004- Galerie D'Orsay- Boston, MA

Studio E- Jupiter, FL

Galerie Vivendi- Paris

2003-Philadelphia Art Show

Weinstein Gallery- San Francisco, CA

Blue Dot Gallery-Toronto, Canada

And other location 

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