Mark Kanovich

Child, Oil on Canvas, 60X80 cm House, 40X72 cm Woman with Balloons, 60X80 cm  Mother and Daughter, 65X55 cm
Biography of Mark

Mark Kanovich was born in Tibilisi, Georgia, on 05.01.1970, and now lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

His work has been shown at, among others, the History Museum in Tibilisi (1991), "Kikar" gallery in Jaffa (1994, 1997), The Art Center in Rishon Le-Zion (1995), "Danon" Gallery in Tel-Aviv (2000), "Jerusalem Theater" in Jerusalem (2002), Ribak's House Museum in Bat-Jam (2003), Bible Museum in Tel-Aviv (2005).

The painting and sculptures of Mark Kanovich's are focused on the intensity of modern man's loneliness. The world of Kanovich is one in which man is tragically lonely, and constantly seeking love, beauty, warmth and generosity.

Mark was born in Tibilisi and developed his artistic qualities from a very early age. He studied architecture at the University and at 18 was forced to join the army according to a new law which made military service mandatory for students. He was recruited to design information centers. One day he designed a poster of Lenin that the commander in chief at the time was extremely unhappy about. He thought the image was too vivid and that Kanovich was ridiculing the great leader. Kanovich was placed in military jail for a few days. This episode had such an effect on him, that he then made an oath never to draw anything realistic or political for the rest of his life.

At the end of his military service he spent another year at the University, and then decided to make "Aly'ya"- to immigrate to Israel. He moved to Israel in 1992 and studied art at the Avni institute in Tel-Aviv. His tiny studio apartment was dark and cold; he had to work at 3 different jobs so that he would be able to support himself and paint his own art at night. Adjusting to a new life in a small, unknown country was difficult, and Mark’s success is not to be taken for granted. Much has changed since then in mark's life, but nevertheless, his persistence in his art and the search for a place in which he can feel stable- live on in his work.

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